Workshop with Casagold Pet Care Academy, Bangalore

Leena, who runs Pawpad, attended an extremely fascinating four day workshop conducted by Casagold Pet Care Academy in Bangalore. This workshop was to train pet groomers in the nuances of grooming Miniature Schnauzers, Toy Poodles and Cocker Spaniels. Canaan Pet Resort hosted the workshop.

Slide to see the before and after of the pet grooming makeover of Prada, a miniature schnauzer.

This is Prada, a miniature schnauzer I worked on at the recent workshop. Prada is an adorable, adorable 11 month old who came all the way from Kerala. She did not have the wiry coat required for a schnauzer instead her coat was soft. If we had continued to clipper her coat it would remain soft. If we do what is required i.e handstrip with patience what we’ll eventually get is the wiry coat that makes this breed unique and special. Moreover her coat
maintenance then becomes minimal. Doing this little bundle’s eyebrows was super thrilling! Thank you to Jisto Shaji so much for trusting me with her and thank you Casa Gold Pet Care Academy for enriching my knowledge about these breeds.

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