Pawpad in the Press: Sororedit features Leena Munikempanna

Sorror- the sister’s edit is a website that features incredible journeys made by women. This January, Sororedit featured the journey of Pawpad’s founder, Leena Munikempanna.

For me, doing this story, was incredibly empowering. We rarely find the time to take stock of our beginnings and see how far we have come. Thanks to Sororedit for providing me this opportunity!

The article is available here:

Life As A Pet Groomer in Bangalore

Leena, a pet groomer in Bangalore, at work in her pet spa Pawpad

I work as a pet groomer in Bangalore running my pet grooming spa Pawpad. Every morning I wake up looking forward to going to work. It is a privilege so few of us in this country can afford. And these are the mornings that I do feel blessed. Maybe even pat myself on the back for being so wickedly clever! For having turned what has been a life long involvement into a profession. I’m a pet groomer in Bangalore and am proud of it!

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