Life As A Pet Groomer in Bangalore

I work as a pet groomer in Bangalore running my pet grooming spa Pawpad. Every morning I wake up looking forward to going to work. It is a privilege so few of us in this country can afford. And these are the mornings that I do feel blessed. Maybe even pat myself on the back for being so wickedly clever! For having turned what has been a life long involvement into a profession. I’m a pet groomer in Bangalore and am proud of it!

Leena, a pet groomer in Bangalore, at work grooming a Shih Tzu dog.
Leena, at work, grooming Oreo.

Before Becoming A Pet Groomer

By the time I turned 18 our house was always filled with rescued puppies or kittens. The ones who I couldn’t house would be found homes. Sometimes it wasn’t all that perfect. Because rescuing animals is also finding them at their most vulnerable. It also shows you the cruelty that human beings are capable of. Turning to pet grooming after such a life experience brought me to a completely different world.

Extremely funny sketches about what a groomer’s life is like

What A Pet Groomer’s Life is Like

What I encounter here in my pet grooming business is a completely different picture. It is the love that human beings are capable of. The love and affection that animals are capable of giving, those they meet for the first time, still surprises me. It is deeply humbling to see the trust with which they let me near them, let me work on their bodies. Those one to two hours we spend together alone, only engaging with each other, is an extremely intense experience. Most times it is smooth and easy. But again, there are times though when it is all about give and take. It is about respecting each other’s boundaries. About giving time. Being patient.

Patience and Trust on My Grooming Table

Patience has been the single most important lesson I have learnt (more like have been taught!) as a pet groomer. Even Bangalore traffic couldn’t teach me that! This hasn’t come easy. It has taken years of work. Years of working with animals with such a variety of temperaments. At the core of it is the fact that the dog or cat who sits on my grooming table is able to trust me. Trust me to not harm them. When that happens, at each and every groom, it is one of the most beautiful things that life offers.

Couscous, one of our adorable regulars. Do take a look at the account to see what love and companionship look like.

Every day is different. Every cat or dog is different. Pet parents are different too! Just like the excitement of meeting a stranger for the first time. Like a blind date! We live in a city like Bangalore where travelling anywhere is a nightmare. To have all these wonderful new people come in every single day. Wonderful new dogs. New cats. What more could one ask for?

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If you’re looking at becoming a pet groomer I offer courses in pet grooming. Feel free to give me a call to chat. If you have the time take a look at this lovely article that lays bare the secrets of being a pet groomer.

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