Pet Grooming Course (2 Months)

Pet Grooming Certificate Course, Bangalore

Pawpad, Bangalore offers a pet grooming certificate course designed for those who are passionate about dogs and cats. This is the course for you if you are looking at making pet grooming a career but do not have the necessary industry standard skill set or experience. In other words, the course bridges that gap by providing you the skills, experience and confidence necessary to set up a flourishing pet grooming business. You will be putting into practice what you learn since the curriculum of this course is a blend of theoretical and practical knowledge. Hands on learning is a proven method for gaining skills quickly. This will be done through assisting the head pet groomer, Leena, in both dog grooming as well as cat grooming. Pawpad offers you an excellent learning environment that will ensure you pick up pet grooming skills quickly which meet industry standards.

Do take a look at the dog grooming spa services and the cat grooming spa services we offer. The practical training will cover all the services that we offer.

Pet Grooming Course Modules

Dog with glasses on and snout on a magazine seeming to be studying it

The course covers the following modules:

  • Canine (Dog) and Feline (Cat) Anatomy
  • Canine (Dog) and Feline (Cat) Behaviour
  • Grooming Introduction – Equipment, Tools, Techniques
  • Coats – Care, Dematting, Deshedding
  • Nail clipping, Ear and Eye cleaning
  • Fur clipping, Trimming, Scissoring
  • Health and Safety
  • First Aid and CPR
  • How to set up a grooming business

Get in touch with Leena at 9663077496 for a more detailed syllabus.

Duration of Course

A cat is looking to the left of camera. Cat grooming is part of the pet grooming course offered by Pawpad pet grooming salon Bangalore.Two small dogs staring into the camera

The pet grooming course comprises of the following two components:

  • Theory Course: 4 weeks
  • Practicals: 4 weeks

The course is flexible, designed taking into account your needs and schedules. Study sessions are worked around your needs easily since the course is limited to one to two students at a time. Taking on limited number of students ensures that you get the full undivided attention of the course facilitator.

You will be tested at the end of the course on theoretical and practical knowledge. You will then be awarded a certificate from Pawpad in pet grooming.

Placement help is offered if you are interested in working with a grooming studio. Pawpad also offers one student, per batch, the opportunity to work with us on a three month internship.

Course Facilitator

Leena Munikempanna pet groomer at Pawpad pet grooming parlour Bangalore is the facilitator for the pet grooming course.
Leena Munikempanna

Leena Munikempanna, the head pet groomer who runs Pawpad, is the course facilitator. She is a certified pet groomer, Certified Master Cat Groomer (The Professional Cat Groomer’s Association of America) and PetCPR+ Certified (Pet Emergency Education International)

Read more about Leena’s work as a professional pet groomer and her master certification. See the Google Reviews and Facebook Reviews of her work as a professional pet groomer with Pawpad.

Please feel free to call Leena and have a chat at 9663077496 for a more detailed discussion on the course. She would love to chat with you! You can also discuss your doubts, clarifications and needs and see if this course suits you.