Want to open your own grooming studio?

Come enroll in our pet grooming course (dogs and cats). Your grooming studio will be up in the blink of an eye!

Pawpad announces the next batch of our pet grooming course. We start first week of February 2022. Eight weeks later you could be certified as having successfully completed Pawpad’s pet grooming course. Voila! you now have the necessary professional pet grooming skills to start your own grooming studio! And by the way we have a whole module on how to do just that.

Check out some of our students who have been mighty adventurous in namma Bengaluru. There’s Whiskus, A Tiny Groomer, and Groomer’s Groove (and more on the way). We are so proud!

You can read more about our pet grooming course and register your interest. The course facilitator is Leena Munikempanna, a certified pet groomer, an internationally Certified Master Cat Groomer and PetCPR+ certified. Read about Leena’s life as a pet groomer in Bangalore.

Come change your life!!

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