Dog Care Tips For This Monsoon

As the monsoon sets in it’s important to know what you can do to make sure your dog is taken care of in the best way possible. Here are some dog care tips to tide you over this monsoon.

A black dog poses with a yellow raincoat on. Dog care tip no 1 is to make sure your dog has a raincoat on when outside in the monsoon.

1. Keep Your Dog Dry this Monsoon

The simplest and most important thing you can do is keep your dog dry this monsoon. Raincoats specially made for dogs are handy. Avoid puddles since this water could be contaminated.

Photo of a black coloured dog's paw up close. An important monsoon dog care tip is to keep paws clean and dry.

2. Extra care for Dog Paws, Ears and Tummy.

Dogs tend to pick up fungal infections this season. Hence it is important to keep their paws and abdomen areas clean and dry. Watch out for ear infections.

Four brown dog bowls filled with water on a pavement. Surrounds a brown statue. Water is a big culprit in gastrointestinal infections that dogs pick up

3. Safe Drinking Water

It is recommended that you boil the water you feed your dog. If not, make sure s/he’s drinking what you’re drinking!

A black Labrador dog sits in front of an empty food bowl. One good dog care tip for this monsoon is to add fibre to a dog's diet.

4. High Fibre Diet

K9 of Mine has a comprehensive article on why fibre is good for your dog. “Fiber helps to regulate intestinal function, promote colon health, slows the absorption of glucose into the blood and support healthy gut flora.”

Leena, a pet groomer in Bangalore, at work in her pet spa Pawpad

5. Regular Dog Grooming

Whether you do it at home or visit a professional make sure your dog is being regularly groomed. This is a great way to keep your dog clean. It is also the best way to nip any infection in the bud.

A dog looks into camera standing on a stone pathway in a garden. Monsoons are the time dogs pick up ticks and fleas. Dog care tip: Watch out.

6. Prevent a Tick and Flea Infestation

This is that time again! Use an anti tick and flea treatment. Make sure you regularly check to see if there is any infestation.

A puppy is fast asleep in a person's arms. Monsoons are big on noise. Dog care tip: create safe spaces like this for your dogs.

7. Create A Safe Space

The monsoons, especially thunderstorms, are likely to be a scary time for your dog. Make sure you’re around to soothe his/her anxiety. If there’s a frequented safe space then make that comfortable.

If you’re interested in professional dog grooming please take a look at our dog grooming packages. These include basic services like a bath and tidy. We also offer tick and flea baths.

Dog With Blog has more dog care tips to share. Ritika Tiwari writing for The Weather Channel speaks to a vet for a more in depth look at illnesses this monsoon. They also have a lovely video that inspired ours!! We end this with a heart warming story of how Puneites are taking care of street dogs this monsoon. Enjoy the rains!

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