Creative Dog Grooming Bangalore

Pawpad now offers creative dog grooming packages at our studio in Bangalore. This is in addition to the wide variety of dog grooming sessions we offer for your fur babies.

The tail of a shih tzu dog coloured in pinks and blues at a creative grooming session in Bangalore

Creative grooming is an interesting way to spruce up the look of your loved ones. As a pet groomer this offers an exciting opportunity to create art! As a pet parent you may choose to avail of this as this offers an expression of your dog’s personality.

Pawpad is taking small steps in this directions as these creative grooming makeovers are what our loved ones live with albeit temporarily. Creative grooming covers a wide range of creativity. Creative groomers who do shows can go extreme as some of you who have watched this interesting documentary know

What Pawpad currently offers is something that is simple. More like wearing an accessory!

What is Creative Dog Grooming?

Creative dog grooming involves not just colouring (that is the first thing that comes to mind!). It is also sculpting of the coat or coat carving. Additionally, colour can be used as a way to draw attention or enhance an aspect of your dog’s individuality.

Health and Safety

The colours that we use are temporary dyes. They are non-toxic, safe and made specifically for use on dogs. Pawpad has always looked at pet grooming as something that focuses primarily on health and safety of the animals who come to us. Hence, rest assured that this is safe.

Side profile of a shihtzu dog with brightly coloured stars and a pink and blue tail after a creative grooming session at Pawpad Bangalore

Ultimately the decision as to whether to try something unique/different for your dog is something that pet parents take after a lot of thought and discussions. We welcome having such conversations. We can then collaboratively see if this is something that your pet would be happy with. All the attention might just be something your fur baby basks in!!

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