Creative Cat Grooming Bangalore

Pawpad is now offering feline creative grooms for your fur babies in addition to the wide variety of our cat grooming packages.

Creative cat grooming is an extremely safe and interesting way to customise your cat’s coat. An individualised coat can articulate the personhood of your cat in extremely interesting ways. While some pet groomers can do incredibly extreme makeovers we recommend baby steps. This is to ensure that your cat is comfortable. You get to see if the makeover affects your cat in any way negatively. So that we both can continue to tweak till your cat is most comfortable sporting it.

Creative grooming with a cat is not easy as it requires a ton of patience and time. More importantly what it requires is an extremely comfortable rapport between the cat groomer and the cat. We recommend that if you’re interested in doing something like this then we do it after a couple of sessions. So that Leena, who does the creative grooming, has the opportunity to develop a working relationship with your cat.

Leena who does these creative feline grooms is an internationally certified master cat groomer as well as is certified PetCPR+ This means that she follows international standards of health and safety that put your cat’s comfort and safety first. Your cat is in experienced and professional hands. Do enquire about opting in for these feline creative grooms when you book your appointment with us.

We are open 11am to 8pm weekdays (except Tuesday) and 10am to 8 pm on weekends. You can book your appointment here.

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