Leena Munikempanna is now a Certified Master Cat Groomer!

Leena Munikempanna, who runs Pawpad, is now an internationally Certified Master Cat Groomer! It has been super thrilling to cross this milestone!

A cat lies on its back on a cushion on a sofa with a keyboard under paw and a mouse in the other paw. The cat is in front of an ipad with glasses one. This is used to represent the studying it took for Leena Munikempanna to pass her tests to become a certified master cat groomer or CMCG by PCGAA.

What does it mean to be a Certified Master Cat Groomer?

This certification by the Professional Cat Groomers Association of America tests a cat groomer’s skills and knowledge. Your groomer’s professional knowledge and skills has now been certified by her international peers. Consequently rest assured, your cat is in safe hands!

Leena Munikempanna, as CMCG, is now considered at par with other international cat groomers. Her knowledge of feline anatomy, medical conditions, breeds and their needs as well as groomer handling techniques is certified as up to international professional standards. Together with this her grooming skills including cuts, baths, blow drying and body clips is now certified as being up to international professional standards.

Who is the Professional Cat Groomers Association of America?

The PCGAA is an educational and accreditation organization founded by groomers for groomers. This organisation was formed in 2008 to fill a lack in the pet grooming industry. Accordingly, it is an effort to bring together groomers from all over to learn together. It simultaneously works towards being a resource space for information on cat grooming practices and regulations.

In conclusion, here’s what Leena has to say:

“What Pawpad has offered me is a space to continuously learn on the job. A job that I absolutely love! Adding CMCG to my name has only been possible because of all the amazing cats who’ve crossed paths with my life. More so the cat parents who trusted me with pieces of their hearts. Thank you!!”

Image courtesy: Photo by Marcel Friedrich on Unsplash
Photo by Jon Gibbins on Unsplash