Want to be a Professional Pet Groomer? Next Batch – November 2021

Pawpad’s next batch for our pet grooming course starts first week of November 2021. If you’re looking for flexibility, if you love and adore animals, if you like a zen like meditative experience at work – this is for You!

Leena Munikempanna, certified pet groomer, Certified Master Cat Groomer (PCGAA) and PetCPR+ Certified (PEA) is the course facilitator. You can read about her life as a pet groomer and about her certification.

Information on the pet grooming course includes syllabus, duration and indicative fees. Your practical skill training will cover all that we offer on our dog grooming services and cat grooming services. You can register your interest by filling out the form. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

Free Grooming Offer

A poster with a cat and a dog doodle. Text that says free grooming for cats and dogs who are up for adoption.

Pawpad offers free grooming this August 2019 for cats and dogs who are up for adoption. This offer is available on weekdays between 10 am and 3 pm. Please call 9663077496 to book your appointments!

Life As A Pet Groomer in Bangalore

Leena, a pet groomer in Bangalore, at work in her pet spa Pawpad

I work as a pet groomer in Bangalore running my pet grooming spa Pawpad. Every morning I wake up looking forward to going to work. It is a privilege so few of us in this country can afford. And these are the mornings that I do feel blessed. Maybe even pat myself on the back for being so wickedly clever! For having turned what has been a life long involvement into a profession. I’m a pet groomer in Bangalore and am proud of it!

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Dog Teeth Brushing

A close up photo of dog's teeth

The Importance of Brushing Your Dog’s Teeth

Brushing your dog’s teeth everyday is one of those things we tend to put aside. Periodontal or Gum disease, one of the most common illnesses, in dogs is the result of a lack of proper dental care. This can be extremely painful. As anyone who’s suffered through a toothache will vouch for! An important part of a preventive dental care program is brushing your dog’s teeth regularly.  Read on to know why you need to make time for this.

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